Comins Lake

Comins Lake, 10 Miles Southeast of Ely, Nevada just off the U.S. Highway 93/50 is actually a catch basin fed by several streams and springs. This abundant water supply helps in the preservation of the surrounding wetlands in association with the (BLM) Bureau of Land Management.

At capacity, the lake covers 410 surface acres with a maximum depth of 14 feet. Average depth is 6 to 8 feet. Mostly northern pike and a few largemouth bass currently inhabit the reservoir. Pike predation has effectively eliminated the trout. An electrofishing survey in 2011 found high numbers of smaller northern pike and low densities of bass. Pike are currently in the midst of a population crash. In general, bass fishing is most productive in summer using weedless or surface lures. For pike, spinners and spoons (the flashier, the better) are popular, and remember to use a heavy leader.

Fishing is allowed year around. Daily and possession limits are 5 trout and 5 black bass. However, there is no limit on northern pike. Due to a change in regulations in 2006, northern pike are now considered a prohibited species and anglers wishing to keep pike are required to kill them upon capture.

Due to elevated methylmercury levels, the Nevada State Health Division has issued a health advisory that recommends no consumption of largemouth bass or northern pike from Comins Lake. Please visit NDOW’s web site ( for more details.