Garnet Hill

Garnet Hill is nationally known for its very dark colored garnets found in a flow banded rhyolitic volcanic rock. Two square miles of public land was designated as a public recreation area in 1970 to ensure continued public access to the site because of its recreational and scientific study values.

The garnet crystals exhibit sharp terminations and a sparkling luster and make attractive mineral specimens, no matter the size of the garnets. They are dark maroon red to black in color an average between one quarter to one half inch in size.

Two Methods for finding garnets:

1. Visually search the surface and nearby drainages for the dark colored garnets. Their very dark color contrasts strongly with the local rock and soil.

2. Work to break open the garnet bearing rock with hammers and chisels. This is the best method for locating the finest specimens of garnet.

There is some limited camping space for tents and small RVs at the site - three tables are located around the road loop near the top of Garnet Hill.

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The Garnet Hill rock hound recreation area in White Pine County is located about 4 miles Northwest of Central Ely in the Eagan mountain range.