The Scary Scramble Golf Tournament

October 20, 2018


Story has it that the White Pine Golf Course comes alive with werewolves, evil spirits, vampires, and many other dark and enchanted creatures every year towards the end of October. This year the scary event is predicted to come about on the 20th of October. Residents and visitors of Ely gather together each year with their "silver" golf balls and "wooden" drivers to see if they can rid the golf course of this horrible curse once and for all.


Gathering Time: 9:30 a.m.

Location: White Pine Golf Course

$10 Entry Fee / $10 Green Fee

Front 9: 1 Person Scramble

Back 9: Individual Par 3

Carts Optional


The golf course is located on the north side of town on Highway 93 near the Marich Softball Complex.


Learn more about the White Pine Golf Course. (Click Here)